Thurston heading towards a Greener future


Thurston Group is committed to seeking continuous improvement in its performance on sustainability for tomorrow, in ways that are consistent with the need to provide commercial success today.

A recent project involved the development of Eco-Units for a construction partner which featured passive infra-red lighting, low-energy fluorescent lighting, double glazing, passive on-demand tap water and flushing, boiler timers, heaters on timers, smart meters and high levels of insulation that exceed building regulations. All this reduced the carbon emissions of on site staff and the buildings had the same Thurston high quality and long life standard.

As well as controlling its own carbon emissions Thurston Group are also endeavouring to encourage manufacturers, suppliers and contractors, through appropriate specifications, to develop and supply environmentally friendly goods and services. By monitoring the supply chain as well as internal operations, Thurston Group are demonstrating their commitment to going green.