Thurston Group Shortlisted for Modular Buildings


It is 2 days till the Wakefield Business Awards and Thurston Group have been shortlisted for the award of ‘Business of the Year’ for the year of 2016.

Wakefield Business Awards is now in its sixth year and it aims to recognise high achieving businesses and people from the Wakefield area.

It is a great honour being able to participate in the community and get recognised as a business that is worth being shortlisted in such a category.

Thurston Group have been in business since 1970, making it through the recession and running strong 46 years later, whilst still in a position to make profits the entire time. This is thanks to the CEO Jonathan Petch, who’s determination and willpower is admired by all the staff and keeps them going. Jonathan has pulled the company through the recession and kept it on its feet and his dedication towards the company cannot be faulted by anyone. But the company also includes the other 249 employees that make up Thurston. Some have been here for too many years to count and some are only recent. However long they have been here; everyone brings something special to the company and making it a family.

Thurston Group started out in the cabin company and despite this being at the heart of the company with many highly valued customers even today, the company has branched out since; now having the ability to make trailers through to full site cabin complexes and a modular range that offers an alternative to traditional building, covering all industries from the schools and healthcare to the military.

In 2009 Thurston’s acquired Ultra and were able to use the companies knowledge to make products such as blast buildings. In February 2011 the Thurston also acquired Yorkshire Marine Containers (YMC). Thurston is now able to make containers for any range of business whether it needs to be used to transport overseas or has to carry dangerous chemicals safely.

As it can be seen Thurston Group has grown immensely since its formation in 1970, and this is thanks to all the employees at Thurston’s; old and new as well as having great local suppliers that are just a part of the family.