The Details

Walton Leigh is a non-residential special school for children with severe disabilities. In need of a detached classroom block with two new class bases, a music room and a medical inspection room, the requirement was high, the budget and timescales available low.

Paul Ginever of FM Modern Design Architects was one of the project team set with the task of solving this issue, he said: “We needed the new space in a very short space of time, without room to construct on site, and a very stringent budget, our only option was to look at pre-fabricated systems. We had some specific requirements about acoustic proofing for the music room and structural insulated panels.”

Thurston Building Systems were happy to provide the flexibility and high finish required.
Extra wide corridors and doors were essential for wheelchair access and mobility and the flush entry at the front door are just some of the special features. There are a variety of different window shapes included and low and high levels so that the students can see out into the play ground. Paul praised the Thurston solution “Thurston ticked the right boxes in terms of our requirements, tight budget and even tighter timescales. From beginning to end, drawing to completion, took just over 12-weeks.”

The flexibility in our manufacturing processes allowed for all specifications to be met for our customer and our commitment to meeting delivery deadlines meant that the time restrictions could be met without comprimising on quality.

About The Project