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In late 2012 Thurston Building Systems were approached by Heco Laboratorieutstyr AS to design and manufacture 6 mobile laboratories for export and use in desert environments. These lab units were required to house equipment to undertake field analysis of crude oil samples taken instantly from oil wells, evaluation of water produced with oil and special fields analysis of crude oil sample and dissolved gas.

Each mobile unit contained three separate and isolated rooms, the first to be used as a work place containing benches & lockers with an area to arrange the instruments and devices, the second to be used as an office and the third for storing chemicals and glass lab items. Each unit also had a lifting beam and platform to enable the operators to take samples from the ground and lift them onto the platform for analysis without contamination, Thurstons designed this to be stored inside the unit when not in use but to take up minimum space in the building.

The installation of the specialist laboratory equipment was undertaken by sub-contractors engaged by Heco at our Horbury factory. Thurstons liaised and fitted out each unit in conjunction with these sub-contractors and those engaged by us to ensure that all trades could efficiently complete their work so the programme dates were met for shipment of the units overseas. As our client was working within the time constraints of a Letter of Credit for payment from the end user it was imperative that key dates were met and the shipment programme achieved.

The Project was managed by the Thurston team working closely with the client and end users, training on the equipment was facilitated within the manufacturing programme and the end users attended the Thurston factory to undertake this training over blocks of two week periods.

The 6no units were successfully delivered and both Heco and the end users are delighted with the product, Thurstons are looking forward to working with Heco again in the near future on a similar contract.

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