Portable toilet buildings

Are you looking for toilet facilities for your site?

If you read ‘portable toilet buildings’ and think a one person cubicle, think again! Our portable toilet buildings come in all sorts of designs and layouts. The facilities available are attractive and pleasant to use, it is something that you wouldn’t be disappointed to have in your home they are that good! In addition to looking good, they’re easy to clean so that you don’t have to spend a long time cleaning up after members of your site.

The construction of the portable toilets is robust due to them being all-steel. This means anti-vandal features are a standard of this product. The all-steel construction of the toilet building offers long-life durability and corrosion resistance so you won’t need to replace them for a long time. Our portable toilets are very easy to move around due to how they are constructed. They’re easily installed and simple to move to another site if you had to move. The biggest buildings may require a truck and a crane for moving but the smallest portable toilet buildings would not require a crane.

The toilets, urinals and basins are all white china. The walls of the portable toilets are laminate and the floors are anti-static marble. This means that these are very simple for cleaning. There’s also no waste tanks to empty as the portable toilets will be connected to the mains sewage system so you don’t have to do this unsightly job. They’re also hygienic so your colleagues will be at ease when using them. Toilet blocks can be linked to other anti-vandal facilities so that it is all one facility instead of having lots of separate structures. Even our most basics are easy to clean and hygienic so no matter what you can afford, what we provide will be great for you.

You can also have mirrors, hand dryers, soap dispensers and extractor fans. In addition to being connected to the main sewage system, you can also be connected to mains water and electricity. There’s a large range of sizes of toilet blocks so you can get whatever is best for your workforce. There’s no windows so that they are anti-vandal but the extractor fans remove the need for a window.

You can also have steps, ramps and disabled facilities so that your toilets are accessible to everybody. We can tailor to you so if you tell us your budget we will get you the best facilities available for that price.

Our toilet blocks are suitable for all types of events including sports and festivals. If there’s renovation taking place, these are also an option for temporary usage.

Our portable toilet buildings come in a range of configurations, for example, male only, female only, mixed and disabled. This means that whatever you need, Thurston building systems can help you.

If you’re interested in any of the products available or have certain specifications that you require, you can get in touch today and Thurston will help you however we can.