MultiSpace look to Pod-ulate the market!

portable modular buildings

MultiSpace Fastrack Buildings have launched the innovative new BathPod product. MultiSpace, who are the brand new business division of Thurston Group Limited, are expectant of success and a high level of enquiries in the near future. MultiSpace are dedicated to delivering alternative modular solutions through flexible production lines and extensive Research and Development. The new division was launched with the intention of concentrating on four key areas. These are bespoke alternative modular buildings, retail PODs, bathroom PODs and international business development.

Bathroom PODs allow for much swifter construction in large projects such as hotels and high rise buildings. Whilst the rest of the structure is traditionally built, the fully fitted bathroom Pods are craned into position within the building. This means that a large portion of each, for example, hotel rooms are already completed. Having already used Bathroom POD construction on two large halls of residence projects, Thurston Group decided it was time to launch the BathPod as a fully independent MultiSpace product.

Chief Executive, Jonathan Petch said ‘With a lack of competitors in this market, I believe our MultiSpace division has found a real niche sector to supply into. Our team are confident of success’

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