Leaders in quality
    Leaders in quality


Our MultiCon product range encompasses all of our specialised ISO containers solutions that will have multi uses across a range of industries including:

• Freight – Shipping Lines
• Military – across all three services
• Bulk operators - Chemical industry, Farming, Aggregates
• Waste management & generation

We have designed, developed and manufactured tens of thousands of the MultiCon products which are suited to our individual customer needs as well as the industry standards.

Leaders in Innovation

You can trust in our level of knowledge and experience from around the industry to produce a quality product. There are a number of products from our MultiCon range which have become industry leaders:

• We worked in partnership with designers to develop Sea Cell, the world’s first marine container able to fit two standard sized pallets side by side, while still fitting within the guides of a container ship

• The introduction of a new 31,000 Lt. capacity swap tank. • We developed the Sea Deck Flat Rack which incorporates flexible designs to maximise cargo carrying capacity. This container solution has been a market leader for several decades.