More Blast Resistant Buildings depart to their New Home

Blast Resistant

Blast Resistant accommodation buildings can be seen leaving from the YMC Beverley factory to their new destination at Teeside for BP CATS terminal as part of the contract with Amec Foster Wheeler.

The blast resistant portable buildings are designed specifically to maximise the safety of staff in all situations. They also work in protecting equipment that is kept inside it.

YMC can provide the blast resistant buildings in various sizes to fit your specifications. The team specialise in designing the buildings to your exact measurement requirements and standards. The product has set new, groundbreaking standards for both safety and comfort and is able to withstand a force of up to 1000 millibar over pressure for 100 milliseconds which is the equivalent of exerting an 80-ton force.

If all this still isn’t good enough then the cherry on top is that the buildings comply with the stringent anti-blast regulations specified by the global operatives and the American Society of Civil Engineers.