Modular And Portable Buildings

Construction work can be extremely costly and disruptive for any business. When investing in new premises or expanding your site, it’s essential to stick to your budget and timeframe, without compromising on the quality of the final results.

Prefabricated buildings are a smart alternative to traditional building projects, offering a faster, more affordable solution, along with precise details that can be hard to achieve on site. Thurston Group offers sophisticated building solutions for businesses in every sector, including modular buildings and portable buildings for a variety of work environments.

Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are pre-constructed, self-contained buildings that can be easily transported by road, providing a quick solution for businesses seeking immediate accommodation. With secure, durable construction and interiors that can be refurbished to meet your exact requirements, portable buildings are a flexible, affordable option – ideal for temporary use but suitable for permanent applications.

Available in a range of sizes, they can be linked or converted into larger, two-storey portable buildings. Increasingly popular with a cross-section of industries, uses include office space, toilet/shower and changing rooms, classrooms, and more.

Thurston Group provides portable buildings in a variety of finishes, including fire- and blast-rated buildings, eco cabins, and anti-vandal buildings, depending on your requirements.

Modular Buildings

For larger, more complex projects, modular buildings can be designed around your site and business needs. Made using two or more components, modular buildings are designed and manufactured to precise specifications, in factory conditions. These components are then assembled on site, reducing disruption and speeding up the construction process.

Modular buildings are steel-based, and can span up to three storeys high, with no limits on floor space. Their strength, quality and versatility make them a quick and cost-effective way for your business to expand. Modular buildings can also be customised with a range of exterior and interior finishes, to ensure that the final results are both attractive and resilient.

Thurston Group has designed and constructed modular buildings for schools, hospitals, sports facilities, laboratories, transport buildings and accommodation.

Advancements in technology and buildings materials mean that today, prefabricated buildings offer a sophisticated, cost-effective alternative to traditional construction methods. Enabling your business to save money and reduce turnaround times, whilst achieving the same high quality – or in some cases more precise results – modular and portable buildings are gaining widespread recognition.

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