Specialist Building Solutions
    Specialist Building Solutions


Surecell modular building designed and built specifically for custodial accommodation, these custodial suite solutions are manufactured offsite to the highest standards and delivered and installed with minimal site disruption. Surecell also has a lifetime guarantee of 60 years and because its relocateable it can move with the station, should the need arise.

Safety And Security

Surecell is a culmination of design input from several parties with a vested interest including Police Custody Practitioners, Building Designers, Engineers and Specialist Custody Architects.

The Surecell modular custody suite building is the benchmark of best practice and the minimum requirements for every facet of custody. Whilst each individual Force has their own interpretation of the custody and detention of individuals, the benchmark ensures that the minimum requirements for the individual and the building are met.

Modular SureCell Features:

o Adhere to the Safer Detention Guidelines for buildings
o Relocatable to allow the cells to be moved to a different area of the station should the need require.
o In use by Police Forces, Prison Forces, Immigration Departments and the Ministry of Defence.
o The galvanized steel structure is reinforced using steel wall panels and steel beams with interlocking and load bearing floors.
o The Glasroc/ Sasmok is finished with Thortex anti-graffiti paint.