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Swap body containers – a streamlined solution for the logistics market

September 3, 2019

In today’s world, consumers expect to receive packages quicker, putting added pressure on distributors and logistics services, such as Amazon and DHL, to provide a seamless service and quick turnaround.

In order to meet market demand, the logistics and transportation sectors should invest in offsite construction solutions, in particular swap body containers.

Thurston’s Managing Director, Matthew Goff, shares the key benefits:

Streamlined productivity

The primary use for swap body containers is to ship goods all around the country. When transporting using these containers, goods can be loaded from the side and top so that drivers can easily load all component parts from one unit to another with ease. This is extremely beneficial when a driver has been on the road for a long period of time and the next driver needs to quickly load the unit onto another vehicle. One container can also carry multiple units, therefore minimising waiting times and streamlining productivity.


Compared to standard shipping containers, swap body containers are lighter in weight as they have been designed to minimise empty weight. In turn, this reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, which provides a cost-effective solution to businesses.

The containers also reduce life cycle costs as they are made from high-quality and durable materials that are built to last and can even withstand harsh weather conditions.


Swap bodies can also be used as a mobile storage module. When the swap body is fully loaded, the vehicle can transport it straight away, reducing loading time. On average, it only takes five minutes to replace a swap body with another container, making it one of the most efficient ways to transport goods.  


Whether it’s transporting across rail, road or sea, these containers provide a versatile solution regardless of the type of journey ahead. Most containers can be individually customised to suit the needs of the market, an ideal solution for shipping and logistics companies that require certain specifications and sizes.  

Thurston’s SwapCon body containers are the ideal solution for transporting goods across rail, road and sea. Our containers can be customised to your exact size and specification. To find out more, contact our team on 0333 577 0883 or email us at  sales@thurstongroup.co.uk