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Robust and secure anti-vandal accommodation is a Thurston speciality. We have a number of different ranges to suit your exact requirements:

Sureguard – quality modular accommodation suitable for repeated relocation
Sitelink – budget open-plan modular accommodation of a high standard
Surestart – excellent fully integrated modular accommodation
Ultraguard – strong and ultra secure modular accommodation

Sureguard – Anti Vandal Buildings

Choose Sureguard if you need long-life durability and a wide choice of secure modular anti vandal accommodation and storage facilities. Designed to be suitable for repeated relocation, Sureguard anti-vandal fully galvanised steel security buildings are corrosion-resistant and have individually adjustable and removable telescopic jack legs for easy levelling and double stacking.

Sitelink – Anti Vandal Buildings

Sitelink is ideal if budgets are a priority and you are looking for a quick and easy modular anti vandal accommodation solution. This option can be arranged as a two-storey modular building and these anti vandal buildings are designed to deter and prevent vandalism. Open-plan, adaptable and low-maintenance, Sitelink is available in lengths of up to 32 feet and widths of eight or ten feet and is constructed from corrosion-resistant fully galvanized steel.

Surestart – Anti Vandal Buildings

This fully integrated low-maintenance modular anti vandal accommodation offers high levels of anti-vandal security and is an excellent choice for brown field sites. It comes complete with a built-in generator, canteen area, toilet and drying room. Surestart anti vandal accommodation is manufactured from highly durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and comes in a variety of sizes.

Ultraguard – Anti Vandal Buildings

Ultraguard’s steel construction and robust anti-vandal features make it the ideal choice for today’s diverse modular anti vandal site accommodation requirements. The range is highly flexible and comes with a wide selection of specifications and finishes, making it suitable for any environment and the most demanding of applications.

From a single anti-vandal mobile roadside toilet through to anti-vandal modular storage facilities, staff welfare offices and modern fire and part L compliant, air-conditioned modular site offices with full data connections, Ultraguard is the perfect anti vandal site accommodation choice. Available in sizes from 8ft x 8ft to 40ft x 12ft, these profiled steel units are designed to combat the ever increasing risk of vandalism and theft and provide a long life durable building. The range also includes offices, toilets, showers, canteens and drying rooms.

Please speak to our in-house experts today about Ultraguard – the cost-effective and peace-of mind solution for all your anti vandal site accommodation.

Ultraguard Store

Steel secure anti vandal stores complete with double external doors manufactured from profiled steel ideal for safe storage of plant, equipment and materials. Available in sizes from 8ft x 8ft to 40ft x 12ft.