27 Jan 2016

Did you know  Thurston Building Systems (TBS) and YMC Containers are both owned by Thurston GROUP. YMC Containers can be found at: http://www.ymccontainersolutions.com/ TBS centres around prefabricated and modular buildings and cabins while YMC focuses on quality containers. For all your container, cabin and modular needs contact Thurston Group

06 Jan 2016

After a wonderful New Year, Thurston Group are back at work. At the end of last year we had a lot of work happening for us and we are back in the new year better than ever. We have high hopes for this year and hope to continue in an upward trajectory.

15 Oct 2015
S.S 25 years

Marking 25 years of service as Thurston Group would like to extend their best wishes to Tony Prior and Syed Shah; as Jonathan Petch (CEO) presented them with their official 25 year service watch.

05 Oct 2015
Instagram #ThurstonGroup

Click this link to access our Instagram Thurston Group are now on Instagram and can be found by clicking the Instagram button at the top of the page, the link above or by copy and pasting – https://instagram.com/thurstongroup/?ref=badge